Is Pride Really So Bad?

Is Pride Really So Bad?Pride – it can mean so much. The feeling of being proud gives us such a warm sensation all over. We all know that emotion – your favourite team has just hammered the opposition, you’re son or daughter has just graduated from university or you’ve just been promoted for doing a great job at work.

You feel proud because in some way, however dubious it may actually be (especially for the former), (more…)

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The Divine Database by Doni Shultz

The Divine Database by Doni ShultzWith The Divine Database, Doni Shultz has opened a door for people to explore the classic process of dowsing as a means of improving and enhancing your current lot in life. In many centuries, past dowsing was employed as a means of divination to discover sources of food, water, shelter, and other means of sustenance. As time wore on, technology replaced dowsing as a process for such discovery. Doni Shultz has not opted (more…)

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Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

Can't Get No Satisfaction?Remember the words, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction from that old Rolling Stones’ song?

No wonder the song has remained popular for decades.

We all find it hard to get any satisfaction out of life at one time or another.

What in the world is that all about?

Why is that we “can’t get no satisfaction” in our lives?

Well, here’s my opinion. (more…)

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Idea Of Being Self-Reliant

Idea Of Being Self-ReliantSelf-reliance provides the mental condition which is able to satisfy this principle. It is a way to build up independence. Cooperation works most sufficiently when the individuals are capable. Appropriate self-reliance does not contradict cooperation, on the contrast, it makes it perfect and so that benefits.

Self-reliance can be explained as one considers himself of the sovereign (more…)

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To Forgive

To ForgiveAre you troubled and weary? Is something you are clinging to bringing you pain? Don’t succumb to the temptation to place blame. For the pain you feel is not from out there. The pain you feel inside, deep within your being – a sense of betrayal, loss, or bitter despair – is a feeling you manufacture, you nurture, you hold onto. This is not to say the circumstances you have (more…)

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Letting Go: Is Feeling Safe An Important Part Of Letting Go?

Letting Go: Is Feeling Safe An Important Part Of Letting Go?When one is unable to let go, they’re going to end up using their energy to hold onto what they no longer need. And as they no longer need what they’re holding onto, it is not going to affect their ability to receive anything new.

What one is holding onto no longer has a purpose and it is therefore going to lead to inner conflict. And while this could be something that is affecting one area of their (more…)

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Today’s Challenge – Tomorrow’s Non-Issue

Today's Challenge - Tomorrow's Non-IssueHave you ever noticed that the thing we fear or don’t have the patience for today is never generally the issue we have haranguing us tomorrow – unless we put it off until then?

All we need to do is overcome the thing that is in front of us right now and we don’t have to deal with it again – for quite some time in fact.

Rather than putting something off so we can be bothered (more…)

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Reclaim Your Independence!

Reclaim Your Independence!At some point you have to come into your own. You have to declare your independence. You can’t spend the rest of your life dwelling in a perpetual state of apprenticeship. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advising that you be a renegade. Let’s not get the message twisted.

Let me say, on the record, I believe you should be a life-long learner and always, always, always, (more…)

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Time is Money and Life is Health

Time is Money and Life is HealthHow much would just one more productive day, that you would otherwise lose to sickness or ill health, mean to your income? Is it worth your time (say 5 minutes) to learn how to avoid missing out on however much income your day is worth to you? If so, please read on…

Good health is predicated on three main things, really. Get any one of them wrong and you can suffer (more…)

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Keep It Real – Authentic Self

Keep It Real - Authentic SelfKeep it real has become a familiar buzz phrase. However, it has more meaning than a buzz phrase generally implies. People who keep it real present themselves as they truly are – the good aspects and the aspects most people hide – devoid of pretension, drama or games. The majority of people are familiar with the idea of keeping it real, albeit is only a familiarity sans the volitional (more…)

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