How You Can Improve Your Life, Starting Right Now

How You Can Improve Your Life, Starting Right NowYou think you can do it all; the problem is you can’t. Has your life become more hectic than ever? Are you becoming tired more frequently, losing patience easily, experiencing moodiness, and are so stressed out that you can’t think straight? Are you losing contact with your friends; snapping at your family? Foregoing simple pleasures, taking on unnecessary burdens and, quite frankly, putting (more…)

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Don’t Be Paralyzed By Your Fears

Don't Be Paralyzed By Your FearsHow important is your happiness to you? Your peace of mind? Your health? Your wellness? When you stop to answer these questions, it becomes clear that each area is very important to you. However, are you really committed to your fulfillment of these areas?

If you avoid open and honest communication with others, then you are compromising your own true existence. (more…)

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EFT – Why Focus On The Negative?

EFT - Why Focus On The Negative?Do you shy away from stating the negative with EFT? Afraid you’re reinforcing the problem? That’s what happened with a client last week. We started tapping and her anxiety level went up instead of down. Turned out she was afraid she would make her worries permanent by saying them out loud.

And she’s not the only one. Many people who are used to working with affirmations, New Thought spiritual teachings (more…)

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The Balanced Brain Approach – Thinking Creatively and Rationally All at Once

The Balanced Brain Approach - Thinking Creatively and Rationally All at OnceThinking with the whole brain is a genuine key to life, especially when you have a big brain in your head to do creative and logical thinking with. The brain is the key to the mind, it is not the whole mind, but just a key to the mind when used correctly.

Sure we all as human beings use the brain and mind differently, but that does not mean that certain types of people can or cannot get full use to the best (more…)

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Finish It!

Finish It!A number of years ago I read somewhere that 80-90% of the people that start a self-help program or course never finish it. That is a very high percentage of people who quit something they thought was going to help them!

Now I haven’t seen the recent statistics on other things, like diets, or exercise programs, but I’ll bet the percentage of those who quit is high as well.

Why do the majority (more…)

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Holding Back the Flood of Fear

Holding Back the Flood of FearAre you living in fear? If you are then you are not alone. Fear is prevalent in our society, from the news on our televisions to the food we eat, the water we drink, the melting ice caps global warming not to mention the fear that exists within our own experiences. Fear of being alone, of losing our jobs, of not being accepted… the list seems endless and what it all means is fundamentally (more…)

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That Encouragement You Need

That Encouragement You NeedYou never know how or when it’ll come, but that encouragement you need could be just around the corner!

Everyone gets spiritually jaded, even those who apparently don’t believe in God.

Recently whilst I was off ‘cooking tea’ at the local Wok-in-a-Box, dealing with a spiritual torpor of quite discouraging proportions, I found myself agitated as I waited for the food to be cooked. (more…)

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Live Your Life Boldly and Beautifully

Live Your Life Boldly and BeautifullyLiving our life boldly and beautifully should be our utmost priority. When we live our lives for ourselves, we will have so much more to share with others. Play your life full out and do not hold back. Live your life passionately and unabashedly. Creating that kind of life takes time. You will want to test the waters of things that you are interested in. Some things may last for the long-term while (more…)

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How to Electrocute Stress in Two-Minutes

How to Electrocute Stress in Two-MinutesWe were teaching SpeedBraining to two-dozen 12-14 year olds. The specific strategy was StressBusting – how to remove bad stress affecting your decisions and behaviors and scaring the life out of you.

Question: By a show of hands, how many of you kids experience stress in any meaningful way in your uneventful happy lives?

Twenty-four students raised their hands. (more…)

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Balance Your Life & Career in Just a Few Easy Steps

Balance Your Life & Career in Just a Few Easy StepsIt is possible to balance your life and career in just a few easy steps, once you know what these steps are. Balancing your life and career is all about working out what is most important to you, and allowing you to live in a way that is in line with what is most important to you.

All too often we tend to put too much emphasis on our career, and not enough on our personal lives, (more…)

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